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Spark LIVE

4-Channel Smart Amp & PA System.

Spark Battery

With this optional rechargeable and replaceable battery for Spark LIVE, you can perform anywhere without needing to be tethered to a power outlet. Spark Battery provides up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. Easily swap it in seconds if you need even more play time. 


An award-winning amp-and-effects processor that turns your computer or mobile device into a fully customizable guitar and bass rig.

  Click here for 14 days free trial of BIAS FX2 Elite.
*Free trial only available for demo and LE users  


Sonically Disruptive Amp & Effects Software Collection


Advanced Guitar & Bass Amp Modeling Software

BIAS Platinum

BIAS FX 2 & BIAS AMP 2 Elite License Software Suite

Experience Jimi Hendrix™ Official Gear Collection

Authentic Hendrix™ BIAS FX 2 Software Collection

Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for BIAS FX 2 requires a BIAS FX 2 Software License
Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark must be bought together with Spark or Spark MINI

BIAS FX 2 & AMP 2 Combo

Get access to all the gear you need with the BIAS FX 2 & AMP 2 Combo pack. In this pack you will get our award-winning amp and effects software, BIAS FX 2, along with our advanced amp modeling software, BIAS AMP 2.

Spark CAB

140 Watt Powered Speaker Cabinet

Spark GO

5-Watt Ultra-portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

Spark Amp & App

40-Watt Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

Spark MINI

10-Watt Portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

Spark Control

Wireless Footswitch for Spark Series Amps

Spark Traveler Gig Bag

Carry Case for Spark GO


Guitar Audio Interface

FX 2 Metal Edition

BIAS FX 2 Elite Software License + Metal Signature Pack